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  • How To Correctly Export And Migrate Away From Google Photos

    Downloading your pictures from Google Photos via Takeout Export messes up the EXIF data of images. If re-importing elsewhere, it’s important to fix that data in order to have a successful import that stays in chronological order and with the correct GPS coordinates. Source:

  • Rydoo – Dynamics AX interface

    Rydoo Dynamics AX 2012 Categories Accounting Numbers Projects Project ID’s Groups Cost Centers

  • Canon EOS Webcam Utility

    I’ve discovered Canon released a new version of the “Canon EOS Webcam Utility” which is finally compatible with my “old” (2015) Canon EOS 6D. Of course I was delighted to test this in these Corona-videoconference period. Some examples of the quality differences between the 2 webcams I have. Built-in laptop webcam (HP Elitebook 830 G6) […]

  • Update UniFi Controller & Devices through SSH

    SSH into your Ubuntu/Debian machine, and login as root. ( Ubuntu | sudo -i | Debian | su ). Use Putty on Windows or Terminal on macOS. Run this 1 liner: rm &> /dev/null; wget && bash All info on: UniFi Community